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When your goals are meaningful and your wealth has purpose, you can truly live with intention…

Welcome to Intentional Wealth, a monthly podcast where, alongside notable financial professional guests, Private Wealth Advisor and Founder of Braun-Bostich & Associates, Amy Braun-Bostich, delivers useful insights and strategies that help YOU to live your best financial life!

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Apr 21, 2022

The Freedom Home Advantage mission ensures Peace of Mind: The feeling you experience when you know things are taken care of by someone who has your best interests in mind; and Freedom of Time: Realizing time is available to spend with the ones you love, to do your favorite things, and to fully enjoy your home forever!

In Episode #7 of Intentional Wealth, host Amy Braun-Bostich of Braun-Bostich & Associates is joined by Matt Simpson, President of Freedom Home Advantage, to discuss how you can make “One Call To Take Care Of It All” - from home care and repair, to rental property care and management, to custom building and more.

Listen as Matt shares his story and tips to consider when caring for your home.