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When your goals are meaningful and your wealth has purpose, you can truly live with intention…

Welcome to Intentional Wealth, a monthly podcast where, alongside notable financial professional guests, Private Wealth Advisor and Founder of Braun-Bostich & Associates, Amy Braun-Bostich, delivers useful insights and strategies that help YOU to live your best financial life!

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Dec 15, 2022

In the fray of market volatility, domestic political ambiguities, and global geopolitical risks and issues (not to mention obstinate inflation), we feel that investors need a checklist of financial to-dos that may help them navigate complicated times.

At the end of each year, there are a multitude of financial-life decisions to make that could impact financial planning moving into a new year. To help investors navigate these complex financial times, we felt that a checklist to review and implement EOY initiatives as applicable may help.

With that in mind, take careful listen to this episode of Intentional Wealth to learn what may be prudent to have on your EOY checklist. Cassandra Kirby, a private wealth advisor at Braun-Bostich, joins Amy to discuss what financial issues to consider before the end of the year that contribute to solid 2023 planning.